UpShift Online is the answer? Let’s find out what’s in issue #19.

Photography credit: Upshift Online, Simon Cudby

Some magazines write 2-3 long page articles, yet we’re not entirely inspired to get out and ride. UpShift Online represents world class photography. Sometimes less is more and a well-captured photography of riding through a desert or jungles will help you imagine yourself being “that” rider out there, rather just reading about riding. 

Issue #19 takes this magazine to the next level. In a nutshell, you can read of the following articles:

  • Simon Cudby, Quinn Cody and the UpShift Online crew take their KTM adventures for a multi-day desert ride! Pro riders, pro photographers: perfect recipe. Do you want to know more about the new KTM 790 Adventure? Definitely read the interview with Quinn Cody. Also featured in the article is our KTM 1090/1290 upper crash bars and skid plate. 
  • Snowbikes: Ultimate Toys!
  • Exploring Ecuador: many riders have been inspired by the scenery, terrain and the people but many will just learn about it for the first ride. A must read article.
  • Trying to keep up with Jimmy Lewis: well, good luck! Jimmy Lewis is a Dakar Rally legend but checkout how you could attempt to keep up with him. 
  • UpShift Online Honda Africa Twin 1000 build project in details: there’s a nice long list of quality accessories that qualified for this outstanding build project. We’re stoked that Outback Motortek made it there, too with our Ultimate Protection Combo! 

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