It’s certainly not everyday that we get such email from our customers. Yes, we get a LOT of awesome, positive feedback but this is beyond!

Ok, so what is “it”!? 

With the recent introduction of our Honda Africa Twin upper crash bars, our sales have experienced a new “high”. Sure, we developed a very unique set of upper crash bars – as opposed to the traditional top-to-bottom crash bars – but it’s all based on the success of our heavily tested  lower crash bars. 

Long story short, one of our Canadian customers was so kind enough to create a video installation of the upper crash bars. Not only does he explain everything in detail but there are a couple of funny twists as well. It’s worth the watch!

Also, below you can see a couple of shots of his fully protected (Outback Motortek, of course) all black CRF1000L. Kudos to DualSport Plus Canada to make the sales happen! 

Honda Africa Twin 1000 upper crash bars


Honda Africa Twin 1000 upper crash bars

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