There are dozens of motorcycle magazines out there. Some stay on the “safe path” and follow the good old structure displaying news, bike specs, race results and bike reviews. Not this one. 

I’ve always enjoyed experiencing creative and refreshing things in life. There are companies and people who “dare” and they always have my attention. It’s not any different when it comes to magazines. Engaging content means more than just outstanding writing skills. In my opinion it’s best to pair a well-written article with inspiring, high quality photos. And I mean really high quality! 

See, fortunately for us, there are a number of adventure riders in the world whom are also talented photographers, like Tolga Basol ( or Tim Burke. UpShift Online happens to work with both of them and the results are outstanding. Are you still skeptical? Of course, you may be! I was, too, until I started flipping through the page of this FREE online magazine earlier this year. 

The current (December) edition is certainly one of my favourites. Not to give away too many details but some of the content features jaw-dropping photos of an adventure in Northern India, the Continental Divide on two XR 650s, “Amsterdam To Anywhere” which is the second part of an epic story of a couple tackling the world on two Honda CRF250Ls and last but not least the KTM Adventure Rally in Canada. 

Do I have your attention now? If so, then click HERE to read the latest issue of UpShift Online!


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