Does the name Lawrence Hacking ring the bell? What about Simon and Lisa Thomas? They are all well-recognized icons of off-road rallies and long-distance adventure riding.

Lawrence Hacking is a Canadian off-road racer who was the first Canadian to finish the world’s most famous off-road race, the Dakar Rally. In the recent years, Lawrence has organized several overland rallies trademarked by his name.

Mr. Hacking’s goal is to organize the best Adventure Rider event in Canada. As a life-long motorcyclist he has a deep-rooted passion for adventure, the outdoors and motorcycling, especially off-road riding.


What does it have to do with Simon and Lisa Thomas?

Last year’s overland rally brought in some heavyweight celebrities from off-road racing and adventure riding background. One of these big names was Simon and Lisa Thomas who’ve been riding their trusted BMW GS models around the world for over 12 years now and has set 4 world records recognized by the Guinness World Records.

Lawrence also invited Dakar racer legend and the most famous “around-the-world” documentary riders, Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor’s off-roading coach: Simon Pavey.

And last but not least, the new generation of adventure riders, Lyndon Poskitt from Lyndon does one thing but that’s more than outstanding. He literally races to places. He rides his KTM around the world and participates in domestic or international rallies or off-road races, like the Baja Rally.


All we have left is to find out how and why Simon and Lisa from www.2RideThe chose to get rid of their old luggage straps.

Part 2 is coming soon…Stay tuned for the big reveal videoScreenshot (154)

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