Rally Connex presents the Chris Birch off-road training in Ontario and Quebec and Outback Motortek is part of this!

This has become a tradition by now. Chris loves Canada and will continue returning here thanks to the good fellas at Rally Connex, not only to teach off-road classes but to enjoy the scenery of Canada and the Canadians’ hospitality.

I will soon blog about my experiences attending his Adventure Bike off-road class last year. For now, let me just tell you it is a real eye-opener and a real honor to work with Chris, who is one of the most down-to-earth riders out there.

His racing achievements speak for themselves:

  • 1st place winner of the Red Bull Romaniacs
  • 3 time Roof of Africa champion
  • 27th finisher of the Dakar in 2012
  • And many many more!

But all the above does not necessarily guarantee him to be a good teacher, too. In my humble opinion though, he’s an outstanding teacher!

You probably want to know what Outback Motortek has got to do with all this awesomeness. Well, we are still working on the announcement but it looks like Santa is coming twice this year and really eary…Stay tuned, dear readers!

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