Here it is! Official drop test #11. 

There are a lot plastic panels to protect on the Norden 901, but is it only the plastic bits and pieces we focus on? Our goal is also to provide coverage for the radiator and various exposed parts of the engine. 

Sometimes we end up with poorly performing crash bars during the testing stage even if the data (simulation) initially looks good. 

The Norden 901 crash bars testing phase was a bit different due to the fact that these crash bars are 90% identical with the KTM 790/890 Adventure 2.0 crash bars. Having been sold for nearly a year, we already knew that they’d be able to tackle some impact.

One of the reasons why we still decided to drop and drag test our Norden 901 crash bars is because we offer a crash bars extension or as we call it upper crash bars. These upper crash bars attach to the lower crash bars via tube clamps. 

During the test we compared the results with lower crash bars alone and lower and upper crash bars combined. Which one do you think faired better? Find out by watching the full video below:

One thought on “We drop and drag tested our Husqvarna Norden 901 Crash Bars

  1. Great way to test and showcase your products! I like how you test on different surfaces and with “slides”. Good job!

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