The first email from Honda Motorcycles Europe was so shocking that we almost ignored it.

“It should have landed in the spam folder” I thought. The second email from Honda confirmed that their intentions were as legit as they get and they were ready to dial our number!

Fast forward to the first call and I dropped the big question immediately: “Why Outback Motortek when Honda produces their own armour?”. Their answer and honesty surprised us: “Outback Motortek’s crash bars and skid plates are better built to handle Iceland.”

Reasonable. Definitely flattered by this compliment. 

So, what’s this Honda Adventure Roads all about? It’s a truly epic guided tour by Honda Motorcycles Europe for 35 (very lucky) riders only. In 2022 the location is very unique because it’s the first time riders have the chance to be off the pavement almost completely. As such Honda decided to bring three very special riders to provide training and entertainment: Ricky Brabec, Nacho Cornejo and Adrien van Beveren. 

So the “deal” was that Honda needed 38 (thirty eight!) Africa Twin 1100L standard models outfitted with our Ultimate Protection Combos (crash bars, engine case guards and skid plate). We decided to not go for the upper crash bars because BarkBusters would supply the hand guards and the combination of the armour would provide sufficient protection for the most vulnerable parts of the bikes. We also drop test our crash bars usually with BarkBusters anyway. 

Instead of going for the generic black armour only, we mixed it up and supplied some red and white crash bars as well. It turned out amazing! 

Each day of the Icelandic adventure can be watched via the link below: 

Honda Motorcycles Europe Official YouTube Channel

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