I guess you can it lucky or perhaps the dudes and dudettes at Traction eRag offroad and adventure moto magazine are just that close to the “fire”?

Dallas Shannon (Head Honcho) was one of the first riders/journalists who threw his leg over the saddle on the new Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L adventure motorcycle. Pretty cool.

But very few people know that he was the FIRST in North America to exercise Honda’s latest and greatest 1000cc adventure bike offroad. Not just any offroad. It was British Columbia’s Vancouver Island where the test took place and thanks to Dallas’ connection all across Canada, he had a local guide to take him and his new test bike deep into the most remote areas of the island.

Best to see this yourself and admire the riding areas Vancouver Island has to offer. Not only on a brand new Honda Africa Twin.

Furthermore, you can read about the “Mexican 500” race, Beta 2016 preview, Adventure Rider Radio, gear reviews and the list goes on.

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