Yeah, well, where do I start this one? Perhaps with the fact that we’ve reached another gigantic milestone and our heads are still spinning. 

So, there’s this gentleman called Adam Sandoval. I must admit, I had had no idea who he was. The name never appeared on social media pages I follow, nor did I ever saw this “biker” attending adventure motorcycle events. 

Not until I got a message on Instagram” Hey! My name’s Adam Sandoval and I’ll be riding an Africa Twin 1000 across the United States. All off-road.” .

Ok, I thought. The fact that his Intagram channel says “Official” made me wonder if he’s an achieved rider. 

A little research and I quickly landed on his YouTube channel with 136,000 followers! The video is a great introduction of Adam. He’s truly inspirational!

Heck, he’s pretty badass too! It takes an open mind to put the American V Twins aside (temporarily) and hop on a Japanese made Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin instead. Never mind the fact that he’ll be off-roading with very little experience under his belt. 

I immediately thought this would be an exciting project Outback Motortek should be part of! 

We began to communicate about the details and proposals. While we were working out the details, videos of him riding the Africa Twin started appearing on his YouTube Channel

This is quite huge for us and a massive acknowledgment. When I asked him “Why Outback Motortek though?” He replied: ” I searched for weeks and weeks and your Africa Twin 1000 products get the highest praise.” Wow! Let me digest this.. 

We discussed the setup he was going for and the type of protection he had in mind for his Africa Twin. Since he’ll be traveling solely off-road with little off-road experience, Adam wanted to add as little weight as possible with the most protection for the absolute vital parts. 

Thus we settled for the Ultimate Protection combo, the one I drop tested back in 2018. 

  • Lower Crash Bars
  • DCT Engine Guards
  • Skid Plate

He skipped the upper crash bars to save the extra few kilograms/pounds. 

Adam also needed luggage platforms for his Mosko Moto Backcountry panniers and duffels.

  • Pannier Racks
  • Rear Luggage Rack

With some complications due to the current global pandemic but Adam managed to receive all our products. Kudos to our US West importer MX1 West for helping us out with shipping some of products. 

Anxiously waiting for his message or social media post about the installation and this showed up finally!

I’m stoked to see how the bike’s turned out. An epic, ultimate Africa Twin 1000 build project for sure. Now we just have to start counting down the days of Adam’s departure. 

Buckle up. It’s going to be an entertaining ride with 5 videos each week straight from the Trans America Adventure Trail

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