Can you imagine starting your day with an email subject like that? Well, it wasn’t so encouraging. 

Until I began to quickly read through the email. I must admit, seeing attached photos added more to the confusion. Why would anyone even have the idea to add the word “stupidity” to an email subject?! 

Anyhow, let’s calm down, Lorry, will you? 

So, I’m reading through the email having all sorts of not-so-positive thoughts running through my mind and below you’ll find out what the “big scare” was all about. 

Hello Lorry. I just came back from doing a ground test of your bars. This week I realized that someone just played dumb with the suspension before I bought the bike so I re-adjusted them to my liking. So I was bored and took out the bike for testing the suspension settings.”

“I went to a nearby forest and rode through easy tracks. But the track started to increase in incline and I couldn’t turn to go back down. With my stock tires installed,  I tried to get to the top, but as I crossed a stream the bike raged and crossed along the track throwing me to the left side.
So it fell on a harsh ground, with soft soil aggregated with big ugly rocks. All of this on huge rut that forced the wheels up (pictures won’t do justice to the incline). As the bike was so inclined that the fairings where in contact with the ground I thought the worse…
At this point, I thought that I was going to end up with some sort of massive complaint that was going to rock me to my core, especially after drop testing the Africa Twin crash bars using my very own CRF1000L. 
I took a deep breath and picked up where I had left it off and things began to look and sound different.
“…but as I managed to lift her I saw that the bars really took all the energy of the impact and the fairings only rested on the soil with no pressure. After washing the bike I found all good without any scrapes. Only the unavoidable at the factory hand guards and slight ones at the turn signal and windshield.
I really love these bars! Thanks for the good work!
Big chip off my shoulder, I must say! I had the biggest smile on my face. Everything returned to normal. Our Africa Twin crash bars and engine guards continue to impress and all that’s coming from unbiased riders. 
Sergio added:
I’ve always been told that nothing could save me from stupidity… today I learned that Outback Motortek bars can help me though.
With stock tires, loose soil, roots, rocks, a treacherous track that suddenly becomes very inclined and a pocketful of stupidity I had nothing to do but kiss the ground. The bike almost rolled down the track and I expected the worst, but the crash bars combo installed on my Africa Twin not only took all the hit but also restrained the bike so when the fairings touched the ground they didn’t take any scrape.
I’m so happy with my purchase, thanks guys for this well designed product.”
“In the pictures, trust me, you can’t figure the incline. It took me almost half an hour to lift her up, and my back is killing me. Due to the incline it was impossible to use the normal lifting stances. I first used the monkey lift and then almost put myself below and dragged it to a better place. What a calico! Hahaha.”
Now the fun part. Check out the pictures via Sergio below. 

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