It just came out of nowhere and I’m not referring to the revised 2018 Honda Africa Twin. 

Never has it been easy to keep up with motorcycle manufacturers’ revised or completely redesigned models. One tiny little change to a part and our product(s) may end up not fitting. 

So what did Honda do to “get in our way”? Increased the size of the tool box and forced us to redesign our crash bars’ rear left mounting tab. We acted pretty quick with help from several of our Honda dealers in Europe. 

The good news is that we’ve already produced the first batch of our redesigned crash bars and will begin sales on April 27th, 2018. 

The video below demonstrates that we were able to create enough clearance between the crash bar mounting tab and the tool box to have the tool box removed without any fiddling around at all. 

One of our customers from Italy was kind enough to send us a couple of great photos of his 2018 Africa Twin outfitted with our crash bars and engine guards.

Next update coming in a few days on the 2018 Africa Twin Adventure Sport edition! 


One thought on “2018 Africa Twin – What’s happening at Outback Motortek

  1. Vitor Neves says:

    Involuntarily I’ve tested the crash bars 🙂 Worked flawlessly.
    Kudos to Lorry Gombos

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