Probably a lot of you adventure and dual-sport motorcycle riders have subscribed to eveRide’s Youtube channel. If you have not, then it’s highly recommended you do. Here’s why.


EveRide or call him Tyler comes from humble beginnings. He had gotten into the dual-sport bike scene only a couple of years ago and was instantly hooked. He got so excited about the sport that he began to spread the word about it by video blogging or vlogging his rides. Sure, lots of people do that but he’s entertaining, very enthusiastic and keeps everything very simple. Just like how he is.

EveRide has produced hundreds of videos. Most of them bear topics that riders are very engaged with, lots of DIY and riding tips, accessories reviews etc. You better check this out yourself and make sure to subscribe: click here

I had been chatting with Tyler about a potential gear review for Outback Motortek. Finally after about a year, the right moment has arrived when reached out to me with a great message: the KLR Rebuild. It was the perfect moment. Just when we’re producing higher amount of skid plates and crash bars for the Kawasaki KLR 650 models. We could certainly meet the demand now via eveRide’s upcoming review, should KLR owner decided to outfit their bikes with Outback Motortek protective accessories.

It looks like this project may just be eveRide’s largest rebuild project. He’s gathering manufacturers and suppliers to contribute with their product to this rebuild and so far the list is pretty impressive. There’s a video summing up the plans and showcasing some of the companies products, among them is the Outback Motortek crash bars and skid plates.

Stay tuned for more.


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