There are some people who wait patiently and there are some who wait because nothing is available. Paul is from the first group.

He was waiting patiently for the Outback Motortek accessories for his brand new 2016 Honda Africa Twin 1000 because he had seen other manufacturer’s products for Honda’s new dual-purpose bike and was not excited, nor he thought those accessories could do well in case of a crash or a skid plate smashing situation. You can call this personal preference but luckily the market has a lot of aftermarket farkles to offer for Honda Africa Twin owners.

I gave a phone call to Paul Wednesday morning that “it’s time” and not even 2-3 hours later he arrived. Excited and relieved that finally he would have the protection for his precious new Honda.

We began working on installing the crash bars first and everything went smoothly. As smooth as Honda allowed us. Surely, the engineers who were working on the Africa Twin didn’t think of us aftermarket accessory manufacturers.

honda africa twin crash bars

The crash bars are rock solid! They’re based on the same concept as the tested and reliable BMW F700/800GS crash bars.

africa twin 1000 crash bars

Crash bars 1000 crash bars

Mounting on the skid plate was a piece of cake. We don’t use the existing front mounting points, as those are just a flimsy 2mm thick steel pair of mounting tabs. The Outback Motortek skid plates are mounted onto the crash bars’ 3mm thick steel mounts. Removing of the skid plate for oil changes would take a mere minute. It’s held on by four bolts.

africa twin 2016 skid plate

africa twin 1000 skid plate outback motortek

The cherry on top of the cake was the rear luggage rack that’s a fantastic addition to an Africa Twin. It takes RotoPax fuel cans without drilling and the generously sized holes allow all sorts of straps and bungee cords to tie down your luggage, tents etc.

africa twin 1000 luggage rack


Outback Motortek is proud to announce that we’re now taking orders and shipping Honda Africa Twin accessories all over North America and very soon in Europe and Australia.


Lorry Gombos

Founder and owner

Outback Motortek


One thought on “First North American Africa Twin 1000 by Outback Motortek

  1. Max R says:

    Hi Lorry,
    I was looking into ordering the Combo Package 1 (crash bars + bash plate) in the same colour combo (black bars and silver plate) as well. How can I order one?

    Max R.

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