It all started with the OEM KTM orange. There’s more demand now for matching OEM colours. 

This time we’ve done Honda Africa Twin 1100 and Yamaha Tenere 700 owners a favour. 

Customizing vehicles is not a new fad. It started back who-knows-when. It’s normal for some people not wanting to be part of a “pack”. Call them rebels. It’s cool though! 

While most of our customers happily settle for a set of black crash bars, we get a surprising amount of demand for matching OEM chassis or plastic panel colours. 

For the first time ever we’ve decided to give it a try on two extremely popular bikes: Yamaha Tenere 700 and Honda Africa Twin 1100 standard version. 

The Tenere 700 features beautiful, sparkly blue plastic panels. We couldn’t match the colour using the standard RAL blue colour selection. Hence we steered our attention to specialists. With the help of some cool technology called spectrophotometer our powder coat specialists were able to gather the data necessary to produce the unique RAL colours for us! 

Honda’s Africa Twin 1100 standard for 2020 and 2021 features a gorgeous red subframe. It’s like red lipstick on a gorgeous woman! Or so we’ve been told. 

Another challenge to overcome. Luckily just as above, our specialists had tackled the challenge and in a few weeks we received the first shipment of matching OEM Honda red powder coat. It totally lights the Africa Twin on fire, figuratively speaking, of course. 

Ready for the video? Please hit the play button right below!


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