It was about three and a half years ago that I first bumped into Horizons Unlimited. I had the initial thoughts of riding a motorcycle from Taiwan to Europe. Two up. Sounded crazy.

Photo credit: Lorry Gombos/Outback Motortek, Jeff Gast @Jeff Gast Photography and Greg Powell @

A quick search on Google about traveling on two wheels in that region resulted in Horizons Unlimited ranking on top. The best part: reading through hundreds if not thousands of threads on the forum made me feel normal. I had basically found the oasis of long-distance overland travel. 

Horizons Unlimited website

It could take up to a week to visit every corner of this website. The information it provides is encyclopedia-like!


Why am I writing this blog post? Well, I think, thanks to the founders’ hard work and dedication, my dream of traveling across Asia (two up) became a dream come true. I promised myself that I would do my best to promote this wonderful organization, and here I’m now telling you how awesome it is to be part of it. Kelli and I have done numerous presentations at Horizons Unlimited events, trying to inspire riders to take the first step towards their dream of riding new states, provinces, countries and continents and go beyond the horizons.

overland adventure

This year I was asked to be part of the organizer team of the Ontario event by a fellow adventure rider and friend, Greg Powell ( I couldn’t be any happier. Finally, I can give back even more.

Let’s go back in time a bit.

Year 2014: my first time attending a Horizons Unlimited event. I had been browsing through the presentations and I was very hesitant whether I should sign up and present. Well, it turns out, there should have never been any second thoughts. This became clear immediately after arriving at the Parry Sound, Ontario location. Everyone was real friendly, down-to-earth and most importantly everyone cared about each others adventures! It’s not like those times when you have your Alaska or South America adventure trip to share with your neighbors or your coworkers, cousins etc. and they might show some interest but no enthusiasm.

Overland motorcycle travel

Kelli and I ran into an overland motorcyclist from Germany at the Tajik border post near China and Kyrgyzstan.


If you haven’t done any cross-country or cross-continent adventures but have thought about, then it definitely is the best place and venue to connect. You can learn from other riders’ (costly) mistakes by carefully listening to their presentations, asking and interacting. And just before you think “I can’t travel to Ontario for this event…“, worry no more; Horizons Unlimited hosts up to 20 events worldwide.

Grant and Susan Johnson holds presentation

The founders, Grant and Susan Johnson speak about the beginnings of Horizons Unlimited at the Ontario event in 2015

Once in a while I get a phone call, email or Facebook message from folks whom I met at one of the meetings and they proudly tell me how they enjoyed some encouraging and inspiring words from Kelli and I, and other presenters. It makes me feel better that we could help other riders experience a life-changing adventure. Often times it doesn’t mean riding through the most “dangerous” areas of the world, it could simply just mean exploring your very own country.

motorcycle camping

Motorcycle camping in Northern Ontario.


By the way, dangerous. There are people out there who think there’s danger around every corner once you leave your province/state, country or continent. It’s usually the opposite. A friendly smile at the local police officer in Guatemala, Zimbabwe or Kyrgyzstan will do just well and you’ll be surprised to learn that the less people have the more they want to give you.

Help along the highway in Uzbekistan

These fine Uzbek gentlemen helped us out with gasoline when we completely ran out of it in the desert. All this without speaking each others’ language. Sign language is international and it works!


My above-mentioned fellow adventure rider and friend, Greg Powell has contributed to this post as well. Greg is more of a veteran presenter at Horizons Unlimited events. As a matter of fact, he’s published a book called Motorcycling Passion.  I’m stoked to have him contribute to this blog post.

Greg Powell, host and coordinator of the Horizons Unlimited Ontario event:

Greg's adventure

Greg’s adventures in South America


This year I am the host of the Horizons Unlimited Ontario adventures travelers meeting. Some of you may be new to Horizons Unlimited and are wondering what happens at one of the events. Let me try and explain.

Take 200 – 300 like-minded people, adventure seeking, riders of the road less traveled, motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world, put them all in the same place (which this year happens to be on a beautiful lake in beautiful Bracebridge, Ontario) for the purpose of inspiring, informing and connecting.

Ever thought of taking a motorcycle adventure, for a long weekend, a month, a year or several years, through one province, a state or two, cross a country or cross several borders? Then come get inspired. Listen to presentations from people who have already done it, across Russia, through Central and South America, across the ice, Trans Labrador highway, Pamir Highway, the USA and those with no agenda. Get informed on – what to pack on your adventure, camping tricks, fixing your flat tire, visa and passport issues, security while traveling, how to pick up your bike, and riding tips.

Connect – you are not the only crazy one and you might even make new crazy friends.

Tire change in south america

Tire change along the roadside. It’s part of the adventure.

We have maps for do-it-yourself rides around the area. If I can find a volunteer to help, we would like to organize some bike games/challenges. Demo rides – last year Honda Canada brought a few of their bike to take on rides, they plan to come back this year. We have also reached out to other manufacturers. Have a look at new gear from Twisted Throttle, Outback Motortek or Touratech. Enjoy evening campfires and sharing stories after a great meal.

Please accept our invitation to this event and we do hope to see you at the Horizons Unlimited Ontario meeting on June 9-12, 2016 near Bracebridge, ON.

For more info on this event and to register, please click on this URL link

Or keep up to date on the Facebook event page:

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