Without a doubt I can call him a veteran adventure rider, a nomad on two wheels: Gionata Nencini. Back in 2018 August he reached out to me to involve Outback Motortek in another exciting project. 

To avoid getting too buried in the details of how our paths crossed in 2017 and what lead to us finally meeting in person, I’ll just cut to the chase. Gionata sent me an email that he’d get an Adventure Sports 1000 and the very same bike would fly to Chile to roam the backcountry and to lead organized adventure rides via his company PartirePer

Initially the plan was to send him all our existing products and he’d outfit the bike with our upper and lower crash bars, engine guards, skid plate, centre stand and X-Frame pannier racks. Nice long list of products. Then a couple of weeks later I began organizing a visit to Europe to our factory, the Intermot motorcycle expo in Cologne, meeting our Czech Republic dealer and friends and of course I added a trip down to Italy to meet Gionata. 

Long story short, the day came to arrive in Pistoia and it was a real pleasure meeting and working with Gionata an entire day to prepare his brand new Africa Twin Adventure Sports for the Chilean expedition! What better way to show you how our day went, then via a video we put together and you can watch it just right below:



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