Every business thrives for success. That’s in our nature. At least those who dare to walk down the unbeaten path of such challenge. There’s nothing more rewarding than a customer who take her/his time to compliment on your products and customer service.

It was last year, just after meeting friends and promoting Outback Motortek at the Overland Expo East in North Carolina and Horizons Unlimited NC, when a gentleman, named Chris, approached me with the intent of purchasing product to outfit his Suzuki Vstrom 650 with protective armor. The conversation was soon followed by an order.

Chris later thanked me for the products and noted that everything went well regarding the installation.

And that was it. Another satisfied customer.

“Okay but why’s it news-worthy?” Some people would ask.

Chris took his precious time to write me another email and expressing how much he loves the crash bars and skid plate he mounted on his beloved Vstrom.

Let me quote him:

Hey Lorry,

I know it has been some time since we last spoke.  I wanted to send you a photo of my bike wearing the OM crash bar and skid plate.  I have been very happy with the setup.  If you don’t mind, I’ll try and send you some photos periodically.  I’m an engineer and photographer in the Atlanta, GA area and always have motorcycles and photography on my mind, so i really enjoy combining the two passions.  Attached is one I took last night.  Thanks again for the great products.
-Chris Loy.”
Photo:   2011 Suzuki DL650A V Strom
And the result is….


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