Does the title say it all? Hardly. Outback Motortek is known for its (drop tested) crash bars, skid plates and multifunctional pannier racks. 

Our new website went live about two months ago. Many of our customers and social media followers were surprised. We launched out motorcycle rental service! 

There are many reasons we decided to do so. One of them is that we’ve accumulated many bikes over the years for product development and testing purposes. It just wasn’t feasible to call up friends and friends’ friends to lend us their bikes for a few weeks. Often times, development can take months or up to even half a year depending on how complex a certain motorcycle is or if we don’t like the initial design. For this reason we just keep our bikes. The majority of them even after years have only 2000-5000kms on the clock! This led us to the first reason to rent them out. 

Secondly, we don’t mind you renting our motorcycle(s) for off-road adventures since we offer drop tested – or often torture tested – crash bars and skid plate. Nevertheless, they can only offer so much protection in certain scenarios but we trust them. Hence the “Drop Tested” badges all over our website. 

Third and it’s equally as important, our depot locations in Eastern Hungary and Virginia are nestled in beautiful pockets also offering motorcyclists plenty of opportunities for riding on and off-road. 

Our website is full of useful information about our bikes for rent and details about riding in scenic areas. Please visit .

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