The answer is that it’s more than just trails, mountains, water crossings and epic landscape. 

Shooting the first episode in Central Catalonia, Spain was a ton of fun! Exploring the backcountry was beyond words. Our local “guide” Jordi put on quite a show leading us on some of the most exciting trails I’ve ever ridden. Not to mention the cultural experience, the welcoming environment and laidback attitude. 

It was meant to be a fantastic day and we didn’t mind the 35C+ temperatures either as we found ways to cool down!

To cut to the chase, let me share the first episode of On My Trail by Outback Motortek. Enjoy and stay tuned for episode #2 about the German reality of off pavement riding. 

2 thoughts on “On My Trail Episode #1 – What does a perfect day on the trails look like?

  1. Chris says:

    Awesome job Lorry!

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