Super secret photos are revealed in this blog post from behind the scene. Some of you who’ve been following our progress and growth are used to seeing such images pre-production. I’m happy to share something new and exciting. Again. 

You own an Africa Twin 1000 or you’re considering the purchase of one. Need crash bars. No doubt. Crashes happen and replacing factory Honda parts are a pain in the a… and you need to reach deep into your pocket to repair a damaged bike. Our job, crash protection developers and producers to help you avoid costly mistakes. 

We couldn’t be any happier with the greatest feedback we receive from our Africa Twin customers. Compliments keep coming in and we’re enjoying every moment of it but it does not make us just sit back and relax. After releasing our crash bars in July 2016, we were getting into something really good and exciting. Then we had thought “let’s expand to more protection” and we added the uber-necessary engine guards to the Africa Twin product line. It was a great move. The way we designed it made the crash bars even stronger, since the engine guard ties into the crash bars. Proof of the pudding is in the eating they say and it couldn’t be more true: read this article for one of them:

Honda Africa Twin 1000 crash

Outback Motortek Africa Twin crash

Outback Motortek Africa Twin crash

Now, we’d sit back and relax a bit… BUT no! 

And then it happened. The first email came a few months ago: “Too bad you don’t offer upper crash bars”. Well, yes. It’s too bad but it is not, I thought. Then we received more emails regarding the same product. 

To be frank, we never really got into the traditional, Honda OEM style crash bars. Just never trusted the construction. We were not wrong. Search forums and Facebook groups and see it yourself. 

Then why did we go for the upper crash bars? It sounds controversial after all. 

It’s simple. We needed time. We could have jumped into the development with both feet and just quickly release something.  

Anyhow, here we are, after 15 months of the release of the lower crash bars, now I’m revealing our upper crash bars design. Pre-production stage! 

What’s new here? Well, if you know enough about us and how we design and test products, then you know that we’re not conventional. We like to be a bit different. 

So what’s different here? You probably ask.

We’re currently the only manufacturer that offers lower crash bars (NOT engine guard, folks!) and an attachable set of upper bars. It ties right into the lower crash bars via two clamps on each side.

Do you know why it’s cool? Because you have the option to choose between great protection (lower crash bars) and greater protection (lower and upper crash bars). All depending on your needs and your budget. 

Listen, I could be going on and on about this but ultimately the following 20(!) or so pre-production images will either convince you or deter you from choosing Outback Motortek to protect your CRF1000L. 

For your information: we had known that certain upper crash bars damage the top of the front fender. We implemented a design that avoids this issue. Very simply we created a seamless bracket that stabilizes the top section of the upper bars, yet it leaves enough space between the bracket (call it hammerhead shark) and the fender when the front forks are fully compressed. 

Also, one last thing: I’m going to post more photos in about two weeks of the final, production-ready product, including our bracket design etc. 

Make sure you call us up or email with your questions at 877 931 3636 or email info@outbackmotortek. 


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