Alaskentina. A very catchy name for a ride that was the idea of three young Canadian lads riding from the top of Canada/US to Tierra del Fuego in South America.

I know what you may be thinking. A lot of people have done this journey on motorcycle. So, what’s the big deal? Because they ride for a charity? People do do that. The list could go on.

Many people “set sail” and just ride, begin documenting their trip, become good at photography, blogging, sponsors get on board, social media posts pop on on group pages and you have a bunch of celebrities. I’d just say heroes. There are a ton of people who have the idea to ride the world but needs inspiration and courage. And of course some money.

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Dom, Ben and Tymek are our heroes this summer. They’re riding the American continent to meet locals, to learn about the true culture of this land mass and to inspire other riders.

I discovered this project months ago when these guys didn’t even have bikes, yet but had had a plan and commitment. Outback Motortek got on board to outfit Ben’s KLR 650 with crash and engine protection and all the guys received the toughest straps the market has ever seen from Green Chile Adventure Gear. Could we ask for a better long- term testing opportunity? Probably not.

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Alaskentina – if you haven’t figured it out, yet – is the short version for Alaska and Argentina. It’s a 22.000km stretch across the continent. By all means, this will be a great achievement for the boys, and surely a good test for the brotherhood/friendship.


If you’d like to follow their journey online, you can do so by checking their blog at

If you’re “social”, then Instagram “alaskentina” or check out their Facebook page:

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