Choose your weapon, they say. It’s not that easy when you’re standing in front of two epic machines. 

Although one is purely about racing, while the other one is stock with lots of modifications still to come, but still, it’s mouthwatering to look at, touch and ride these vehicles. 

Fortunately I had the chance to “sample” both thanks to a certain Canadian “Dakar Legend”.

Fun fact: recently Lawrence Hacking became a Canadian Yamaha ambassador. Yamaha Motor Canada produced a cool video about it too as part of the intro of the Tenere 700 to the Canadian market.

Lawrence eventually purchased this Tenere 700, which offered him the freedom to outfit it with his favourite aftermarket parts. Having done some work a few years ago on his Africa Twin 1000 in preparation for Baja Rally, he ended up contacting us again for our protection and luggage systems. 

I dropped by Lawrence’s garage a few weeks ago to install the products. The cherry on top of the cake was to be taken for a test ride in his Toyota race truck! See the video link below the photos. 

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