Some may say “Duh! How could you have not offered this option earlier?!”. Well, they’re not wrong.

However, they also say it’s never too late. 

Having said that, our crash bars and skid plate combo only has done quite well in the past two years though. We did our signature drop test by pushing the bike down a rocky hill and it passed with flying colours. 

We seemed to have forgotten about one thing: many KTM 790/890 Adventure owners have a lot of faith in the OEM plastic fuel tank shield, thus we could only resist for so long before cracking under pressure.

Finally after some brainstorming we decided to pull the trigger on this skid plate only option and we tend to think that it’s turned out quite well. 

This skid plate only option will NOT eliminate the crash bars and skid plate combo though! We’re still producing crash bars as well. 

See photos and a video by scrolling down: 


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