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Aluminium Panniers

Black. Aluminium. A tough, safe and lockable hard case set, ready to become the ultimate motorcycle travel luggage system. Our cases feature Mosko Moto's proven wedge-mount system for easy mounting and dismounting, alongside some (optional) extra accessories for a complete and versatile luggage system. __________ This product is in its final stage of development and is expected to arrive in the Spring of 2024.  

Honda NX500 / CB500X – Skid Plate

Fully crash bars mounted! This helps any potential damage caused to the engine by transferring energy from potential impacts while off-roading. Scroll down to see more benefits and features of our NX500/CB500X skid plate. Note: the Outback Motortek crash bars must be installed in order to mount our NX500/CB500X skid plate. It is not compatible with any other crash bars brands. Disclaimer: If you own a 2013-2018 CB500X model, these extra steps need to be followed.

Honda NX500 / CB500X – Rear Rack

Outback Motortek designed a rear luggage rack for the Honda CB500X that is very functional. We’ve added holes that are large enough for technically any tie down straps or bungee cord to help you secure a bag, tent etc. on it. The bonus is the laser cut holes that allow you to directly mount RotoPax fuel or water cans without any modification.